We must know that the only way we can keep healthy is through our Indian Classical Music.

H. H. Adishakti Shri Mataji Nirmaladevi 27-1-1986.

If they listen to this Indian Classical Music they will have no diseases, no heart attacks, nothing...

H. H. Adishakti Shri Mataji Nirmaladevi 27-1-1986.

Indian classical music coupled with Shri Mataji Nirmaladevi's meditation has the power to cure illness and relieve stress.

Nirmalanand-Acharya Dr. Sadanand Ganpati Mankar JP.

World peace begins with inner peace.

Nirmalanand-Acharya Dr. Sadanand Ganpati Mankar JP.

Classes offered

ICMRAA offers classes for Raga Dhrupad, Dhamar, Khayal, Thumari, Bhajan, Sahaja Music Chakra Ragas and Ragas Sangeet Visharad=BA Music-Vocal Ragas of ABGMVM-Akhil Bhartiya Gandharva Mahavidyalya Mandal Mumbai. However it is the students responsiblity to sit exams Mumbai India at their own expense.

ICMRAA Also offers classes for Sangeet Praveen, Sangeet Parangat, M.A. Music-Vocal or Sangeetacharya=Ph.D. Music Ragas of Universities in India. Again it is the students responsiblity to sit exams in the institution in India at their own expense.


Thank you Dr. Sadanand for your effort and time teaching us...!!!-Gerry and students from Singapore. Music and Meditation Experience-Huihua

Meditative music chakra Raga mantra class sample1

Meditative music chakra theory class sample2 clip

SangitPadvika-Diploma Raga class sample clip

SangitVisharad-BA-music Raga class sample clip

SangitAlankar,Parangat, MA-music Raga class sample clip

Advanced Ragas for Ph.D. music.(Practical)...

This music class very good one. My teacher is very talented teacher. I am very lucky student. I like this music class.-Mrs. Jaylaxmi Iyengar-from South Indian Madras (Chennai) University.

It was nice to learn those Ragas of BA Mus...!!! -Vrushali -Visharad Student

Some students

Vocal-Sam Ray UK, Phill UK, Yogesh Shaha UK/Australia, Mr. Khandekar USA, Craig Armstrong, Christine Driver, Hazel Hikins, Arnav Mathur. K. Dutta-2nd year Padvika/diplma Ajivasan-PSS-Famous Suresh Wadkars gurus Academy Mumbai India...more

Testimonials: Ragas attract Swans. I could tell you how much I have enjoyed learning from Sadanand over the past few years but the recommendation of the swans is more remarkable. One day during autumn in 2011, we were sitting on the bank by the Swan River at Point Walter. The boys were playing in the sand and water. After an hour or so, two swans swam past, swimming up stream. Sadanand had been softly singing ragas as he often does.(He wears an earpiece with an accompanying Tanpura.) The swans turned and swam downstream, passing us again, and then waddled up the bank and settled down in front of him and started grooming themselves and making small observations to each other as they listened to him singing. The rest of us sat entranced. We had no food with us and I have never seen swans come so close unless looking for food. Then after a couple of ragas they got up and went back into the water and continued upstream perhaps to their nightly resting place. Swans have a reputation as very discriminating birds.Lyndal Desley Vercoe.