We must know that the only way we can keep healthy is through our Indian Classical Music.

H. H. Adishakti Shri Mataji Nirmaladevi 27-1-1986.

If they listen to this Indian Classical Music they will have no diseases, no heart attacks, nothing...

H. H. Adishakti Shri Mataji Nirmaladevi 27-1-1986.

Indian classical music coupled with Shri Mataji Nirmaladevi's meditation has the power to cure illness and relieve stress.

Nirmalanand-Acharya Dr. Sadanand Ganpati Mankar JP.

World peace begins with inner peace.

Nirmalanand-Acharya Dr. Sadanand Ganpati Mankar JP.

Group workshops introduce the relation of Yoga, Pranayama, Indian classical vocal and their link to chakras. The Music and Meditation workshop leads to a Shri Mataji Nirmaladevi's meditation demonstration by Acharya Dr Sadanand G Mankar and an opportunity for group meditation. He also gives personal classes. .
In Yoga initially Sadanand was  a Yoga-asana-posture teacher for 5 years. After that he met his guru H. H. Shri Mataji Nirmaladevi and has been active in Sahaja Yoga for over 27 years.

Workshop outline

  • Rhythm: Tabla taal Basics
  • Brief introduction: Indian classical music and shruties(difference between Western and Indian), Dhrupad Dhamar basics and Vilambit Khayal
  • Music: Basic scales, Omkar, Bija mantras and then participants sing one simple Raga with meditation.
  • Music & Meditation-our speciality: Effect of Indian Ragas on Chakras/pithas of the Human Body/Brain/spine. Awakening/soothing of Raga and Chakra deities
  • Music Therapy: Introduction to Music Therapy
  • Bachelor level Ragas : BA(Mus) or Sangit Visharad Ragas
  • Advanced Ragas : MA(Mus) and Sangitacharya=Ph.D level Ragas
  • FREE Shri Mataji Nirmaladevi's meditation: Introduction to Yogasana, the spiritual link between Shri Mataji Nirmaladevi's meditation and chakras, followed by the self-realisation process as per taught by H. H. Shri Mataji Nirmaladevi.
  • Advanced Chakra meditation music and music therapy workshops are available but require  advance bookings

The above is an example of subjects covered in a workshop. This structure will be tailored to suit  each students ability and time frame.
FREE Shri Mataji Nirmaladevi's meditation with Indian classical Raga the group workshops are free.  for more information on please
contact us on 61 407561662.
(most of the Yoga workshops are free but there are paid special or personal Indian classical music classes run in the academy Monday to Saturday)

FREE Shri Mataji Nirmaladevi's Meditation with Indian Raga  (As advertised by the Fremantle Herald newspaper)
Every Friday 7 PM-8.30 PM
For anyone who wants to know about Indian Music, and its relation to Shri Mataji's Shri Mataji Nirmaladevi's meditation which is always free, open to every one.
Place: Indian Classical Music Research Academy Australia.
                391 South Street, Hilton WA.6163. Australia.
(This workshop has been running since July 2006,  Fremantle is an International tourist destination and port. These workshops and realisation processes have been attended by people from more than 100 countries)
For Shri Mataji Nirmaladevi's meditation more information please visit Worldwide www.sahajayoga.org

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Dr. Sadanand G. Mankar-Freo College workshop and teaching part time for this term Pure Indian Clasical Music.

For classes in Khayal, Dhrupad and Dhamar Hindustani-north Indian classical Raga music contact Dr Sadanand G. Mankar on indianmusic@icmraa.com or 61- 407561662.

Workshop -Datta Jayanti at Sanskriti Seniors

Indian Raga Meditation Concert 2019 Dr Sadanand-Vocal with Stephen Day-USA-Deciple of Ustad Amjad Ali-Sarod, Gurpreet Singh-Tabla, Lorenzo Di Paola-Harmonium and Nam-Dev Mankar-Tanpura.

Indian Raga Music meditation concert Singapore 2009

Stress Management & Music -Inner Peace workshop TV 2018

Feedback on Hong Kong advanced workshop clip

Feedback on China advanced workshop clip

China 2018: Raga Meditation Workshop with 500 participants singing Raga with Dr. Sadanand.